I went for a Coolsculpting consult for my saddlebags at a new medical spa. The doc said the procedure will take two hours long: one hour for each side. I saw the applicator and it is not the one that uses suction. From what I’ve been reading, the process should take 2 hours on each side=4 hours total. Can someone clarify please?



The outer thigh or saddlebag area can not be treated with the traditional suction applicators. There are two generations of applicators currently available to physicians that can treat the outer thigh, the CoolSmooth and the CoolSmooth Pro. The CoolSmooth has a treatment time of 2 hours (4 hours in total) and the CoolSmooth Pro is 75 minutes (2 1/2 hours in total). Both applicators will have similar efficacy. Keep in mind that a practice with two machines may be able to halve the treatment time by DualSculpting (using both machines at the same time).