Hello – I went to Ideal image for a consultation for coolsculpting. I’m 5’5 and 145 pounds. To do upper and lower abdomen she gave me a quote with 8 applicators – I’m assuming she quoted me with the smaller applicators – each being 35 minutes and all in one sitting. I haven’t seen any reviews with this many applicators – does this seem right?


Unfortunately, without an in person examination it is very difficult to assess the number of cycles you would need to completely treat your upper and lower abdomen. However, I can say that multiple cycles in one appointment is completely safe. For the best results it is recommended to follow the Treatment to Transformation protocol. The Treatment to Transformation protocol dictates that the entire cosmetic area (i.e. stomach, love handles, back, etc) be treated fully to obtain the best body contouring response. Blood work looking at cholesterol, liver function, triglycerides, etc were analyzed and found to be stable in the studies used to obtain CoolSculpting’s FDA clearance.