I’ve been very self-conscious about my chubby cheeks for a long time, and now that im older, they are starting to sag. Its mainly the lower front area which i hate. Im 29 years old, 5’4 and weigh 8 stone 10 lb so not really overweight. I went to a plastic surgeon and he basically dissmissed me and said id be thankful when im older. Not the answer i was really looking for. Ideally i want to avoid surgery, so maybe coolsculpting? Any advice on proceedures would be most appreciated. Thanks


CoolSculpting has a number of FDA clearances for treating areas of the neck and body in addition to a few other areas that may be safely treated as an off-label indication. Unfortunately CoolSculpting is not appropriate for treating the cheek area. You may want to research Ultherapy. The deeper Ultherapy transducers can deliver the focused ultrasound technology into the fat layer and offer a reduction.