miraDry New Painless Procedure Developed by Dr. Scott Gerrish

After working with miraDry® for many years Dr. Scott Gerrish developed a signature numbing protocol and procedure to make it painless, more comfortable, and less intimidating… especially for those who are needle-phobic. The new miraDry Fresh protocol is now being used worldwide.

According to Dr. Gerrish 8 out 10 miraDry® patients actually fall asleep during the procedure. See for yourself the how this revolutionary numbing techniques works and (more importantly) the patient’s response at the conclusion of this training video.

Note: this video is made available so that leading doctors around the globe can learn Dr. Gerrish’s unique miraDry® approach.


Sweat Less Live More™

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Anesthesia Delivery with Syringe Adapter for miraDry procedure by Dr. Scott Gerrish for miraDry©