Say “Good Bye” to Dull, Lackluster Skin

The cornerstone of any great medical spa is the use of medical-grade facials and peels. At Gerrish MedEsthetics we believe that you can drastically improve the quality of the skin WITHOUT traumatizing the skin. You can achieve a smoother more refined skin texture without causing injury to the delicate dermal tissue. The professional brands (Obagi, SkinMedica, Neocutis and now a brand developed by Dr. Gerrish). We have selected work to respect the integrity of the skin. Many medical spas over-peel or over-stimulate the dermis and epidermis leaving the skin raw with severe peeling or flaking.

Radiance. It’s everyone’s most desirable skin effect. But if your skin isn’t shedding properly, it becomes opaque, causing it to absorb, rather than reflect light. Ultra-violet rays, pollution, severe weather, cigarette smoke and even natural aging cause dead cells to pile up rather than slough off at an acceptable rate, making your skin look dull and flaky. Fortunately, the latest medical-grade super sloughers can melt away dead skin cells and reveal the underlying beauty of your skin.

When you thin down the outer layer of the skin with a gentle face peel, much more light can pass through the skin. This smoothes the appearance of the skin, while creating a translucent, more luminous complexion. Since fine lines, mild acne scars and pore congestion reside in the superficial layers of the skin, a series of gentle face peels can help whisk them away, too!

Gerrish MedEsthetics Medical Facials and Peels

  • Smooth the complexion
  • Plump and hydrate the skin
  • Revive dull, lackluster skin
  • Lessen hyper pigmentation (brown spots)
  • Minimize fine lines
  • Lightly firm and tone the skin
  • Help control acne

Depending on your needs, our aestheticians can improve the appearance of your skin by recommending a specific acid peel as a stand-alone treatment, in conjunction with a custom facial, or as part of a series of treatments. All these modalities are considered lunchtime peels that will leave your skin looking radiant and ready to face the rest of your day

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