Fraxel® Boost Facial

The Fraxel Boost Facial is a unique medical facial program that was developed by Dr. Gerrish.

By utilizing the Fraxel Boost technology we can stimulate the collagen and elastin fibers in the deep dermal layers. The resultant increase in collagen production offsets one of the major components of skin aging and when performed regularly, will increase the skins elasticity and firmness. Even with 1000 microdermabrasion sessions you could never obtain the anti-aging results achieved by the Fraxel Boost Facial.

This MedSpa treatment is geared to fight skin aging and/or maintain previous treatment results. The procedure incorporates a gentle peel with the Fraxel Boost technology. There is absolutely no downtime and actually there is microscopic swelling that make the skin look great for several days. Schedule this facial when you need to look your best: before photos, parties, reunions, weddings and anniversaries. In addition to being a powerful anti-aging treatment, patients describe this facial as a relaxing , rejuvenating experience. Dr. Gerrish’s Fraxel Boost Facial is most effective in slowing the hands of time when performed once a month.

The Fraxel Boost Facial has quickly become our patients favorite maintenance treatment to keep their skin looking young and healthy.

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