OcuMend reduces bruising, swelling and pain

OcuMend Prevents Even The Worst Bruises

OcuMend’s patented ultra-penetrating nanotechology will dramatically reduce your bruising. You no longer need to hide after using dermal fillers like Restylane®  and Juvederm®. Schedule your filler appointment with confidence and don’t worry about canceling your work and social activities for days.

Brusing Can Affects Up to 68% of Patients

Bruising from dermal filler procedures can be a more common side effect than patients anticipate. According to the FDA studies cited in the Juvéderm and Restylane package instructions for use, approximately 67% of all dermal filler patients bruise, with 26% of all patients suffering from bruising that lasted for more than seven days. These FDA clinical trials involved 2,600 patients and were conducted by some of the nation’s top injectors, demonstrating that bruising is prevalent no matter how skilled a practitioner is.

In many cases, recovery depends more on the location for injection than on the injector’s skill. Dermal filler studies around the lips report the highest level of bruising at 80% of patients bruising based on five studies that reviewed a total of more than 700 patients. The average data from four studies of a total of over 530 cheek filler patients reported that 70% of patients bruised. On average, nasolabial fold filler patients experienced bruising the least often—the average data from 12 studies of 1,400 total patients showed that 61% of patients reported bruising.

This data includes four dermal fillers approved in the past two years, which had an average patient-reported bruising rate of 67%.

OcuMend Bruising Buster… Reduces Bruising and Speeds Up Healing Time

Without OcuMend


With OcuMend

ocumend-drop-tests 2

Comfortable Cooling Sensation

The OcuMend medical grade gel pads provide a cooling sensation after injections. OcuMend delivers the natural arnica you trust, with 50 times the potency of any competitive product. Dr. Gerrish will determine if you are a candidate for their use.

For use at home post procedure. Easy to apply gel pads.


OcuMend Ultra-Penetrating Nanotechnology

No matter how careful, cautious and crafted you  are in the art of anti-aging fillers and wrinkle relaxers.. some patients bruise.  At Gerrish MedEsthetics we are now incorporating patented nanotechnology that prevents  bruising… even on the most delicate skin types.


Photo of dermal filler patient after using OcuMend.  She bruised severely on each of her four previously injectable appointments.



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